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  • Årets utvalgte Minuty-kunstner er Henriette A

    - Limited Edition -


    I mai lanserer vi årets Minuty M limited Edtion dekorert av Henriette Arcelin som er en illustratør og keramiker. Hun har bodd i Lisboa i 10 år. Her er litt info om årets kunstner fra Chateau Minuty:

    " This former Parisian with a passion for ceramics and illustration decided to set up her studio in Portugal. Her eye-catching work is organic and playful, inspired by botany, natural history, fauna and marine biology. Folklore, textiles and handicrafts from various regions of the world also play an important role in he artist's creations."

    Selv sier hun: "My work is mainly inspired by nature, landscapes and the elements that surround me. During my creative process, I collect various specimens which I then start to draw from, letting my imagination freely dictate the shapes and compositions. For the creation of the Minuty bottle edition, it was the colors of the pretty village of Gassin,where the Minuty estate is located that inspired this monochromatic illustration. I really enjoyed the experience of being able to paint directly on the bottle in inspiring locations."

    Vi synes årets utgave har blitt veldig fin. Den har fokus på sol og sommer som vi så lenge har lengtet etter. Les mer om årets Limited her.